About Umeya


Nice to meet you

We are the couple from Tokyo and Taiwan who met in Kyoto.
We love Kyoto so much!
That's why we decided to run Umeya in this
memorial place.
Hope we become the bridge between Japan and Taiwan.
Also hope we and everyone enjoy sharing our time with friends from all over the world!

Why we named here "Umeya"?

Ume(梅) means plum blossom.
Ya(夜) means night.


All together, Umeya(梅夜) litterally means plum blossoms at night or a night with plum blossoms. Ancient Chinese poems give us inspiration to this name and scene, which depits an image of people relaxing and talking under plum trees full of blossoms with the moon tranquilly shining above. This is the place we'd like to create. In addition, Umeya happens to locate near the Kitano-tenmangu Shrine where plum blossoms are famous. Another reason is that Taiwan's national flower is plum blossom. 

We'd like to invite travelers to create their own scenes of Umeya 梅夜 and to relax and enjoy their special time in Umeya.

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Guest house Umeya

Guest house Umeya

An authentic Machiya
style guest house in nishijin, Kyoto 5 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop Cozy stay for single travelers and groups