We don't accept late or early check in. When there is traffic accident or some reason for delay please let us know in advance. We have no curfew. Because we locates in the middle of residential street please put great care of our neighbors especially late night and early morning.

How to get from Kyoto station

①By BusThere are 3 options to take a bus
Kyoto station central gate

Take City Bus No.101 B2 zone, To Kinkakuji Temple
via Nijo-jo Castle

The last train is 16:30

about 30 minutes ride

“Imadegawa Omiya”

From the bus stop,
it's 5 minutes walk


Take City Bus No.206
A3 zone,
To Senbon st.,Kitaoji
bus terminal

about 25 minutes ride

“Senbon Imadegawa”

From the bus stop,
it's 7 minutes walk


Take City Bus No.9
B1 zone,
To Horikawa st.,
Nishigamo Shako

about 20 minutes ride

“Horikawa Imadegawa”

From the bus stop,
it's 8 minutes walk

②By Metro
Kyoto station

Take Metro Karasuma line(烏丸線),
bound for Kokusai kaikan.

about 10 minutes ride


From the station,
it's 20 minutes walk

*You can take bus No.203 from Imadegawa Station. It's about 5 minutes ride to“Imadegawa-Omiya”stop, then 5 minutes walk to Umeya.

  • The access from the bus stop to Umeya
  • The access from the bus stop to Umeya
  • The access from the bus stop to Umeya
③By taxi

Please show the taxi driver this sentence in Japanese below【今出川知恵光院を北に上がって2本目の筋を東に入る。20m先の右手の赤い壁の町家が梅夜です】Go north to the second road from Imadegawa Chiekoin then turn to the east. It’s a red wall house on the north side. about 30 minutes ride

By car

There is a car parking on 3 minutes walk. (We are sorry we have no parking here.)
Serepark Monya-cho : 800yen/24 hours

Neighborhood map

Neighborhood map


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Guest house Umeya

313, Monya-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8447, Japan
Phone Number:075-406-5182

Guest house Umeya

Guest house Umeya

An authentic Machiya
style guest house in nishijin, Kyoto 5 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop Cozy stay for single travelers and groups